Monday, October 18, 2021
Events Github Universe 2020 is now LIVE

Github Universe 2020 is now LIVE

GitHub Universe is now live online. This time is comes as an online event and it lasts 3 days. Here is a quick summary of all the announcements of the features that will be presented this week. It takes place in between December 8th-10th.


From campus leaders and industry luminaries on how to use the latest tools, prepare for your next internship, expand your technical communities, and more.

Speaker list

  1. Juan Pablo FloresProgram Manager, Campus Experts, GitHub
  2. Omoju MillerTechnical Advisor to the CEO, GitHub
  3. Elise HollowedDeveloper Program Manager, GitHub Education
  4. Kevin BackhouseSecurity Researcher, GitHub Security Lab
  5. Arelia JonesDeveloper Program Manager, Teachers, GitHub
  6. Kevin WhinnerySenior Manager, TwilioQuest, Twilio
  7. Ashley BassEducation Programs Associate, GitHub
  8. Lieke BoonProgram Manager, MongoDB for Academia
  9. Mike SwiftCEO & Co-Founder, Major League Hacking (MLH)
  10. Yashovardhan AgrawalHackathon Community Manager, Asia Pacific, MLH (Major League Hacking)
  11. John Faber Flórez VascoPrincipal Software Engineer, Agile Innova
  12. Michael LynnPrincipal Developer Advocate, MongoDB
  13. Dr. William “Chris” HeadleyAssociate Director, Electronic Systems Lab
  14. Amos JohnsonAssociate Professor of Computer Science, Morehouse College
  15. Dhiraj GyaniDirector: Education India, GitHub
  16. Raymond BlumInternational Man of Mystery, Developer Infrastructure, Google
  17. Cassidy WilliamsPrincipal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
  18. Sonia JohnLead Blockchain Developer, Porium


Workshop Day: Dec 719:00-20:00 EET

Interviewing done right!

Raymond Blum

Raymond Blum International Man of Mystery, Developer Infrastructure, Google

Day 1: Dec 8

The move to industry: your first job

19:45-20:35 EET

Learning by teaching for your community

Cassidy Williams

Cassidy Williams Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify

20:35-21:15 EET

The myth of innate technical ability

Omoju Miller

Omoju Miller Technical Advisor to the CEO, GitHub

21:15-21:30 EET

21:30-21:55 EET

Everything you think you know about tech internships is wrong

Mike Swift

Mike Swift CEO & Co-Founder, Major League Hacking (MLH)

21:55-22:30 EET

Boosting virtual learning environments using world-leading technologies

John Faber Flórez Vasco

John Faber Flórez Vasco Principal Software Engineer, Agile Innova

Day 2: Dec 9

The university lab: experiment with the pack

19:30-20:30 EET

Applying the game design stack

Kevin Whinnery

Kevin Whinnery Senior Manager, TwilioQuest, Twilio

20:30-21:00 EET

Introduction to MongoDB and the GitHub Student Developer Program

Michael Lynn

Michael Lynn Principal Developer Advocate, MongoDB

Lieke Boon

Lieke Boon Program Manager, MongoDB for Academia

21:00-21:15 EET

21:15-21:40 EET

Using GitHub for multi-college collaborative undergraduate research

Dr. William "Chris" Headley

Dr. William “Chris” Headley Associate Director, Electronic Systems Lab

Amos Johnson

Amos Johnson Associate Professor of Computer Science, Morehouse College

21:40-22:15 EET

Getting started in security research

Kevin Backhouse

Kevin Backhouse Security Researcher, GitHub Security Lab

Day 3: Dec 10

The virtual challenge: grow your community online

19:30-20:20 EET

Students leading the way: Campus Experts

Juan Pablo Flores

Juan Pablo Flores Program Manager, Campus Experts, GitHub

20:20-21:00 EET

Learning to code: the good, the hard, and the exhilarating

Sonia John

Sonia John Lead Blockchain Developer, Porium

21:15-21:40 EET

Teachers guiding teachers: Campus Advisors

Arelia Jones

Arelia Jones Developer Program Manager, Teachers, GitHub

21:40-22:05 EET

Is your campus making you real-world ready?

Dhiraj Gyani

Dhiraj Gyani Director: Education India, GitHub

Click here to watch live


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